Ella Linen Bloomers - Cream
Ella Linen Bloomers - Cream
Ella Linen Bloomers - Cream
Ella Linen Bloomers - Cream

Ella Linen Bloomers - Cream

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These adorable ruffled bubble linen bloomers are such a great go-to piece for creating a cute look in a flash.

Our Ella bloomers are designed for matching and pairing with our Ella linen dresses.

Perfect for wearing underneath a sweet little dress or with one of our singlets or t-shirts.

Made from pure and natural linen, designed for maximum breathability making these bloomers just perfect for summer. Because the linen is so breathable and fine they will not feel like an extra layer of clothing, so your baby will remain totally comfortable in even the hottest weather!

Composition: 100% Linen.

Designed in New Zealand.


Why Choose 100% Linen?

1. This beautifully-textured natural fiber fabric is suitable for every season! It’s cool to the touch making your girl sweat 30% less than if wearing cotton in summer. In winter linen traps heat in, making your little darling very comfy.
2. Linen is one of the most eco-friendly materials around, made from the resilient flax plant that grows happily in poor quality soil and requires far less water than plants such as cotton. It’s also fully recyclable and biodegradable. It’s sustainable fashion at its best.
3. It's super durable! This incredible fabric has twice the strength of cotton AND has incredible antibacterial properties, making it hypoallergenic as it does not breed bacteria like other fabrics easily can.
4. Linen is very long lasting. Not only does it get softer with every wash, but if properly looked after your linen pieces can literally be passed down for generations. How cool would it be to have your great-granddaughter wear your little girl’s favorite dress.
5. And finally, it’s comfortable and absolutely gorgeous! No other fabric is closer to nature than linen, so we are totally obsessed.